SECURITHOR will grow with you. SECURITHOR is used by many start-ups as well as confirmed Centrals with more than 50,000 accounts.

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SECURITHOR is the software you need to monitor alarms, for operating a Central Station or the Response Center of your Company. SECURITHOR presents a complete dashboard to operators handling alarm signals along with steps and contacts to process each signal.

SECURITHOR automates several tasks such as sending emails, sms and reports to subscribers. SECURITHOR is made to add value to your Central Station by proposing services such as Web Access and Panic buttons for smartphones. Take a look at the many features of SECURITHOR by downloading a trial 

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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20 years experience making software and thousands of satisfied Centrals mean we pack your software with a variety of features and continue improving it.


SECURITHOR works with many Windows OS. Choose from Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012. Network version works with either Windows 7, 8, 2008, 2012. Choose your OS


Web Features made easy for your subscribers, admin staff,  salesmen, installers.

Adding Web Access to your Monitoring Software is not complicated thanks to Securithor’s staff..


SECURITHOR uses PostgreSQL. Fast, stable and high performance without the costs of all other SQL engines.

STv2 performance is at least 30% faster than v1.


MCDI is still doing Alarm Receivers and Monitoring Software like it did back in 1994 when founded in Montreal Canada. Our mission is to help you start a Central Station (Alarm Receiving Centre) or to help you grow by providing the best equipments and software applications.

We have been at it for over 20 years so we know a thing or two about Central Stations. Our customer base goes from start ups to confirmed Security Companies. Chances are your competitors are using one of our products as we shipped more than 10,000 alarm receivers and more than 5000 are using our monitoring software.

 Along the years we made several more receivers on PC boards namely TLR+, Exprecium 1,2,3 and now Exprecium D for PCI or PCI-e slots.

MCDI added it’s first external receiver the SA-TLR+ back in 1997. It was followed by EXSA, Decrypta 1-2 and 3 and now our flagship Decrypta 4. All of them have distinctive designs far from the traditional black boxes.

In 2008 MCDI introduced a line named Extrium. With embedded linux and powerful ARM processors, Extrium receivers offer more features including notifications to Android phones, Alarms over IP  and embedded web servers. Extrium is now ready for new pure IP receivers like DT42.

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The Mission Control Board works with the MCB Android app to locate and provide interaction between your base station and your mobile staff. Know where they are, who is available, geofence them, send them missions, dispatch them on surveillance tours or visit and delivery itineraries.

Get proof of presence to your customers plus documented reports with pictures and videos to enhance your services. 

Unique Geofencing, QRcode and NFC tag scans adds presence confirmation to your customers.

The Central Station Operators can also send mission orders to the MCB Android app. They review Patrolmen intervention reports and pictures. All this easily and directly from a SECURITHOR session.

MCB Go! is designed to manage your mobile staff if you do not need to transfer jobs from the Monitoring Software. Send them on demand missions directly from MCB Go! 

Prepare itineraries for visits, pickup, deliveries or guard tours from the Checkpoints database of MCB Go! 

You still get all the features of MCB such as Staff and Vehicle pairing, Mission Dispatch, Pictures/Video with reports.  

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